11 thoughts on “oledump & YARA

  1. Hi Didier, I decided to try your pdf-parser and installed python (x64) 2.7.13. It could not get beyond syntax error. So I tried 2.7.9 (x64) and then (x32) with the same result. The pdf is placed in the same folder as pdf-parser.py – I used your youtube video on how to use it for guidance but no luck. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.


  2. SyntaxError: invalid syntax
    using the cmd >> pdf-parser.py –stats dsTestpdf.pdf
    The only thing I have done is import os to chdir to a child folder containing your python scripts. The pdf is in the same folder as pdf-parser. Python27 is the parent folder.


  3. OK. Sorry to bother you. I think I am running it from the wrong window. I run this from the windows cmd command prompt and not the python gui? Above is from python gui.


  4. Thank you for posting your analysis tools, the tools are excellent. I am using your pdf tools to analyse my pdf collection over a few years. Some qns:
    1. Large files (300pgs .. > 30MB) take much longer – this is normal?
    2. Can nasties be hidden in JBIG2 objects?
    3. Can your scripts accept wild cards to do whole directories?
    4. Can your scripts test for pdf open or valid pdf as some just hang (or maybe taking a long time)
    Thanks again Didier. Sorry to be a pain in the rear end.


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