oledump & ClipboardTransformer

Showing how to use a new tool I’m working on (ClipboardTransformer) to help with deobfuscating VBS code.

If you are interested, a beta is available here:

ClipboardTransformerBeta.zip (https)
MD5: FF653016801DA4D12F5BB852703E2D7D
SHA256: 2B9F54145F1396D7FEB259F987DA0315AB168F3FDA03EEEE5AF3BD046223AF7B

SendtoCLIBeta.zip (https)
MD5: F672206A863642E2706A328ECCC18AE2
SHA256: 3EAB27C2496233816AD76E0EB0E35D274D4C711D7EFF8AE236BF0154DE55A423

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